August 2017 Lineup

August 17th, 18th and 19th, 2017 –

its all over!  It was a good one.

Rain came and lightning  forced us to go to pavilion.  Seldom Scene gave an unplugged performance lived by all.

All the bands did great.  And the family is ready to go to next year.



IMG_5715Thursday August 17th.

First band up is Spoon Creek –  These guys were recommended by our lovable Dan the Man.   And we listened.   Brenda had heard them in Thousand Trails.  We are really looking forward to a great show –  and I hear they love to play at the campsite.  So look them up afterward.

Just Wingin’ It –  Bunch of your local favorites –  Jeff Custer, Gerald Rife, Troy Abel, Billy Duncan, and Glen Cantrell make up this local favorite.   They played the Bluegrass Party – and everyone loved them.




Right behind them is HARD KNOX.  A great name for a hard driving group.   Chris Rose, Bob Burrows, Charles Scudder, Don Hamadyk and Joe Mastrangelo make up this great group from Eastern Virginia (Peanut and Pig and Pine Country).    


We have one more opening –  Probably somebody we fell in love with at Cabin Fever!  You can give us some ideas! 

Friday August 18th, 2017 

Amelia welcomes the California Ramblers!   They are from CALIFORNIA (California, Maryland).  They have been here several times  and they are always a good time.   As famous for the field picking – we are really looking to see all these guys put on a great show.    Joey and Linda Tippett, Jerry  McGinnis and Trampass Goldsmith make up this band.  Pics below are from bluegrass Party.   marylands-california-ramblers1

A favorite band of Amelia is HOMEGROWN.    We have played them several times because they support us so well (they played the Christmas Party) and they sound so good.   A local band from southern Virginia.   Dennis Wilson, Buddy Taylor, Katie Davis (sounds so great as lead vocals), Eric Spencer and Rickey Slaughter on Mandolin make up the band.  Looking forward to hearings some great sounds.


Josh Grigsby is up next –  And can we tell you how much we love this guy and his band.   Really solid players and really solid vocals make this band super nice to listen too.  Josh along with his wife Crystal handle most of the singing.   Judge Parker, Mark Mills, Robert Kidd, and Whitney Perkins are the band.   2015 winners of the VA State Bluegrass Band Championships – they deliver.  And we ask for it all the time!

josh joshgrigsby

Seldom do we have a Headliner Group like the Seldom Scene! 

Really in this case – Never.   It’s a first for us – and we feel so honored to have them join us in our 38th year.   Dad would be jealous –  don’t worry – he’s up there watching us all.


Our Kentucky Home Boy is up next –  Dave Adkins.

A favorite on our stage – but also a tricky guy.   He bought our Dad’s Eagle – so now we want him back just to see the bus every once in a while.   Seriously, Dave is on a roll.  “Turn and Burn” is his latest burning up the charts –  we want him to “Turn and Burn” in the parking lot, too.


Saturday,  August 19th, 2017 

New group Five Mile Mountain Road from Salem, Virginia area joins us.   You will recognize one the boys right off –  Steven Dowdy (His Daddy is playing later), Brennen Ernst, Seth Boyd and Billy Hurt on fiddle makes this a great up and coming band.

Kody Norris –  He’s the Man!

Kody has been to our festival numerous times.   He and Dad had a special relationship because Dad believed in him from the start.   He even wrote a song about it.   We love Kody and his music.  Band is good too!   Mary Rachel Nalley, Colton Powers help Kody do a Great show!


Donna Ulisse – Another First for us in Amelia.

She should be great – just winning the IBMA Songwriter of the Year – and having a great song with Larry Stephenson (Who happens to be up next).



Larry Stephenson –

25 years of fronting his own band.  He has played here numerous times and always turns on the audience.  High tenor and great stage presence is signatures for Larry and Band.


The Bluegrass Brothers are back –  Hard to believe LOL.   They will close it all out again!  and “Set this place on fire”.