May 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2017  – Come Join Us! 


Thursday Night  May 18th.

First in our lineup is a local YOUNG Group MASHTASTIC.  Denver and the other boys are learning more and more everyday.   They joined us at the Bluegrass Holiday Party – and they were the most talked about band there.   We are expecting great things from these guys. img_5235

Next Band is Virginia Central Bluegrass.

Another band that knocked our socks off at the Christmas Party.   Many of your local favorites.  Quality picking and vocals make for a great time.virginiacentralcolorbandphotocolor

Edgar Loudermilk is a Big Hitter.

He has been on our stage before with another guy.  Now he’s on his own and making a big dent in the Bluegrass Charts.


Little Roy and Lizzy!    Not the first time – and always a FUN Time!

We are looking forward to hearing our favorites join us again.   A great show.  Entertaining, funny and full of good music.



 Friday  May 19th, 2017 –  Things Ramp UP.

First Up is Mill Run –  A family and fan favorite of Amelia.   Many times they have graced our stage – and every time they do a great job.  Billie Sue and Bobby Goff make it a great time.

The Price Sisters are a new group to us –  They are new on Rebel records – and we are thinking the whole place is going to fall in love with these two.


Kenny and Amanda Smith –  The first time these two have graced our stage.   And now they are constantly in the top 10 for their music.  I expect they will be the a top 10 in ours in Amelia too.


 Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver.

We know this is Big –  and we want you to know we know it’s Big.    First time in a long time.  We can’t wait to hear the great tunes.


Bluegrass Brothers –

Ok we know you love these guys – and they have been on our stage for 15 years now.  We just can’t get enough of these guys.   Seem like they are one of the family.   This year they are playing Friday and Saturday – First time for something.


Saturday  May 20th 2017 –  It gets HOTTER.

Newtown –   Our New favorite

First time in Amelia – but, not the first time on the charts.   What do you know about this great band? newtown

Volume 5 – Turn up the volume

Another First for Amelia –  Seems like a trend.  Our focus was the folks on the current charts.  Add a little new to our 38 years of promoting great music.   Your opinion is important –  tell us about it.


Big Country Bluegrass

30 years and rolling on better than ever.

Tommy and company are having a big year with a new album and some serious syrius playtime.




Nothin’ Fancy –   It’s been a long time.

Why did it take so long to get back to our stage?    We are looking forward to it.   They will play all of your favorites.


And we finish it all up with BLUEGRASS BROTHERS REDO! .  Can we get enough of these guys?  We don’t think so.