Legacy – 41 Years of Bluegrass

Amelia Family Bluegrass was started by our Daddy and Mama – John and Ferne Hutchinson in 1980.

Dad is the bluegrass music lover.   And wanted his own festival since Roy McCraws festival happened across the street at the “Rock Shop” in Amelia.

This Festival and our Family is his legacy.   Dad passed away in 2014.  We miss him.  And want to carry the festival for his memory.  And for the good times we have all had here with our Bluegrass Friends and Family!



The other legacy comes from our brother Kenneth (Skeeter) Hutchinson.   After years and years of struggling with kidney malfunction.  He passed in Feb 2016.  He loved Bluegrass as much as Daddy.   He enjoyed riding the golf cart around and gently ribbing every person in the place.  So funny – he kept everyone laughing.

We miss these two –  and we miss so many more that have come and gone through the years.  Including Dr. Ralph Stanley at the top.     Godspeed!